Hard wheat

Hard wheat is irreplaceable for good quality pasta production.
Offered varieties

This grain crop is mainly grown in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. The hard wheat grains are big, with golden-amber colour and high degree of vitreousness. This wheat is characterized with high gluten contents and its gluten has strong elastic properties. Products produced from hard wheat are difficult to overcook and do not stick. This wheat is less cold resistant, but more drought-resistant, it has a higher stem and is more prone to frееzing and lodging than the soft wheat. Hard wheat yields are usually lower which is due to its lower production potential (at the expense of a higher quality) and to the fact that it’s more commonly grown in the Mediterranean countries where the climate is dry and hot and the soils are weaker. The varieties grown in our country are winter and spring and are usually sown later than the other wheat, to prevent the plants from overgrowing during the autumn and freeze during the winter.