Sunflower Kernels Confectionary Type

Hulled sunflower kernels – Confectionary grade

Product: 100 % hulled sunflower kernels

Count: max. 400 pcs / ounce

Not genetically modified

Colour: light grey

Moisture: up to 8 %

Purity: 99,9 %

Brokens: max. 8 % < ½ *

Foreign parts: max 0,1 %

Partially peeled kernels (with integument from 25 to 50%): max. 0.25%

Partially peeled kernels (with integument <25%): max. 0.25%

100% Free from stones, wood, glass, metals and from all dangerous extraneous matters

Taste: true of type, nutty, without rancid taste

Smell: healthy, fresh, true of type, free from foreign smells, not rancid

Consistence: firm, crunchy, not viscous, not vitreous, not soft

Packing: multi-layer paperbags  – 25 kg  or Big Bags – 1 ton per bag

Storage: cool and dry

Shelf life: at least 12 months

Allergens: no

Additional: sound and merchantable, pesticide, microbiological and analytical values are according to European Union laws.

Aflatoxin values within admissible standarts by EU legislations.

* Brokens > ½ are counted as whole kernels