Product: 100% sunflower kernels
Color: gray-white to light gray
Largeness: broken kernels 95% larger than Rv. 3.5
Moisture: 4% to 8%
Cleanness: 99,80%
External Impurity: absent
Taste: natural, typical, fresh, non-bitter and non-rancid, without outside aromas
Aroma: fresh, natural, typical, healthy, without outside aromas
Consistence: solid, crisp, non-cracked
Insect Damage: maximum 2%
Seed Shell Pieces: maximum 12 per kg
Pesticides: in accordance with EU and Bulgarian legislation
Microbiological Indicators: in accordance with EU sale standards
Type of package:
paper bag: 22,680 kg, 25,00 kg
big-bag: up to 1000,00 kg